If you’ve ever come across rat droppings in your seemingly clean, pristine home, you know the panic such a sighting can send through your blood. Many homeowners run to the store for rat poison or anything that claims to rid the home of these pests. Some simply sweep the evidence under the rug hoping that the rats will disappear on their own.

Dealing with a rat infestation is an important part of keeping your house clean. Although you may instantly feel dirty and panicked, professionals can quickly deal with a rat infestation with proven rodent control methods, so your home is left clean and untouched again.

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Are Rats Just Annoying?

Rats have their surface issues, and can be unsanitary and cause you to startle, but they also present underlying issues that can be hazardous to your home and your family.

    • Rats consume 10-15% of their body weight daily in food, and must feed 15-25 times a day. A rat may live to the ripe age of 2 and eat up to over 100 pounds of food. Rats have particular palates, and they may ruin more food than they actually eat. Black rats are more particular about their food than brown rats, who will eat virtually anything they can get their hands on. Rats will leave the remains of their food on the floor, and may urinate to mark their territory, ruining an entire package of food.


    • Rats keep their teeth sharp by gnawing through electrical insulation. Rats will gnaw through any type of electrical insulation, often increasing risks for house fires and electrical outages. These outages can cost hundreds, and even thousands of dollars to fix.


    • Rats prefer gnawing through thermal insulation. An infestation of rats can present a risk to your thermal insulation, letting in hot air during the summer months, and cold air during the winter. This raises utility bills and makes the home uncomfortable.


    • Rats don’t potty train. Rats may defecate up to 60 times each day, and will urinate to mark their territory. This attracts other rodents and may even harbor disease in your home.


    • Rats can damage your roofing. Black rats prefer chewing on roof eaves, creating holes that allow other rodents and rain inside your home.


    • Rats often carry disease. Rats commonly carry diseases and bacteria that can be harmful to humans and animals. These diseases can lead to a few days of pain, or can cause death in extreme circumstances.


    • Rats may ruin your garden and lawn. When you drive rats out of your house, they may just move to eating your seedlings and bulbs, ruining your garden and lawn.


Clearly rats are more than just a personal nuisance, and should be dealt with quickly whenever they are noticed. Contact the Experts

Here at Planet Orange, we know the best ways to deal with rat infestations, even as we keep your home and family safe from harmful chemicals. Call us today to learn more about rat control and what we can do to help.

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