Mosquitoes are more than just annoying pests. They can transmit several infectious diseases to people, pets, and livestock and these illnesses are continuously on the rise. But there’s no need to let mosquitos keep you inside! Planet Orange is the answer to help keep you and your family protected from various insect-borne diseases. We realize each yard and family is unique which is why we tailor our treatments to maximize results.

Mosquito Barrier Sprays

A barrier spray treatment is a quick “knock down” spray that helps minimize mosquitos for up to 3 weeks. This spray uses synthetic solutions not on The Bay Area Restricted Use List to achieve mosquito control.

Mosquito Botanical Treatments

Planet Orange is a leader in creating and delivering botanical solutions and has been delivering eco-friendly solutions to homeowners and businesses for a decade! A botanical treatment is an effective alternative to the barrier spray. Our botanical treatment repels mosquitoes quickly. However, because of its botanical properties, the residual effect is not as long as the synthetic barrier treatment. An increased frequency of spraying may be required.

Special Events

Whether it is a family BBQ, wedding, a special reunion, or just a party, we can help make the event memorable for the event itself – rather than for the mosquitos. Planet Orange not only protects homes, but we also can assist parks, businesses, and other large public or commercial properties create a solution to help keep outdoor areas comfortable and itch-free.

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We have an in-depth blog article with plenty of information on how to prevent mosquitos.

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