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    Some Words From Our Customers
    Daniel Basques
    Daniel Basques
    Every tech that comes out is great. No more damn ants! We are on a bimonthly and it's worth it!!!
    Alex Tiberi
    Alex Tiberi
    I had a good experience with this company at every touch point - from scheduling, to the inspection, to the actual service being performed. I would recommend them again.
    Katherine M. Puglisi
    Katherine M. Puglisi
    We've been working with Planet Orange since first seeing evidence of termites in our place back in 2016. We rest easy knowing they'll treat when we see signs of termites, and their annual inspection will find and treat any termites we don't see. Thanks to our most recent tech, Kirk, for his timely, professional, knowledgeable, friendly and efficient service last week. Thanks to Meghin and Lydia for answering my questions about scheduling and warranty renewal. I recommend Planet Orange to everyone, especially my neighbors!
    Karmeisha Taylor
    Karmeisha Taylor
    This place is amazing came out and helped me with our problem. I would highly recommend this company

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