The inspection is, at its simplest level, an attempt to determine what is happening. If you are suffering from termites but can’t determine the extent of the wood damage, the free termite inspection will help you figure out how big of a problem you have; whether you have drywood termites, subterranean termites, or more than one colony of termites on your property.

Inspection Basics

Most people don’t have much experience with termites, but at Planet Orange, we have more than 100 years of combined experience. Although wood-eating insects may not be something you’ve encountered before, our expert technicians and inspectors can help you clear termites out of your home, efficiently, and without harming the environment. The first step in this process is a termite inspection.

The inspection is the starting point because it helps us to determine which strategies are likely to be most effective and how our treatment plan should be set up. After our inspection is complete and the problem has been outlined, we’ll talk with the homeowner or business owner, to explain the findings and discuss what their concerns, and goals are. This gives the homeowner a chance to ask any questions and to provide input, which will be included in the treatment plan. After all the information is gathered, the inspection will be typed into a formal report that provides a series of options and solutions for handling the termite problem.

What’s Involved?

Our termite inspection services are complete and thorough. At a minimum, they include:

  • An analysis of active termite infestations
  • Inspection of structural damage
  • Recommendations for how to fix the issues

Our Technicians

Because the termite inspection must be extremely detailed and thorough, our inspectors are well-trained and highly qualified. They are state-licensed individuals who have passed the “Branch 3 Field Representative Test,” a difficult exam that tests their knowledge of everything from building structure to entomology. Fewer than half of the people who take this test manage to pass, but every single one of our inspectors has. In addition, we have provided our inspectors with further training and continuing education regarding the most environmentally sound extermination practices.

Many of our employees are highly experienced and have been successfully inspecting and treating homes in Northern California for more than 20 years.
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Our termite inspection services will either set your mind at peace or help you start setting up a treatment plan for your termite issues so that you can make your home safe and comfortable.

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