Planet Orange has pioneered the use of many low-toxicity products to treat common termite and pest problems. We are constantly evaluating new and emerging technologies to support this commitment to least-toxic treatment methodologies.

About Orange Oil

We are probably best known as the largest “certified” provider of the Orange Oil termite treatment. This treatment uses a product, which is a high-concentration D-Limonene. This is natural plant oil, extracted from the rind of an orange. It is the Orange’s natural defense against pest and works equally well in the wood members of a structure. The product is produced by XT-2000, Inc. This company has provided the product for many years and this specific product has successfully treated more than 500,000 homes.

XT-2000 Orange Oil is 95 percent pure d-limonene. XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus is a naturally occurring essential oil, derived from a natural resource, the rind of an orange. XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus is a proven and highly successful treatment for the eradication of drywood termites.

XT-2000 kills termites on contact, when injected into the wood. XT-2000 also has a unique capability to wick through wood, moving through the cells in every direction. XT-2000 Orange Oil will not only treat the areas injected, but also soak into surrounding areas to ensure an effective treatment every time.

NO HOMEOWNER MOVE OUTS – the conveniences of not having to move out during treatment, saving the homeowner move out costs and hassle.

NO GAS/ELECTRIC SHUT OFFS – With XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus® there is no need to contact local utilities to shut off gas and electricity.

ESCROW CLEARANCE – XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus® is an effective method that provides customers with a clearance during a real estate transaction.

EFFECTIVE & CONVENIENT FOR MULTI-FAMILY PROPERTIES – XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus® is ideal for multi-family buildings with its convenience to residents.

Orange Oil is… In simplest terms, the active ingredient in XT-2000 Orange Oil is the oily substance found in the rinds of oranges. Orange Oil is used in cleaning solutions, pet shampoos, soaps, and perfumes. Look in your cabinets; you probably already use products containing orange oil.

Orange Oil is Also Called D-limonene – Limonene is a chemical found in plants, flowers and trees.

D-limonene is the chemical name for orange oil. It’s a renewable resource and is a by-product of orange juice manufacturing.

How is XT-2000 Orange Oil Made? – Oranges are peeled and squeezed to make orange juice. Next, orange peels are pressed to make food-grade oil
Lastly, the peels are distilled and this results in technical grade oil. That is it!

Why does XT-2000 Orange Oil kill termites? – When XT-2000 Orange Oil comes in contact with a termite, it destroys the wax coating of the termite’s respiratory system. XT-2000 Orange Oil suffocates the termite.

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