Few things are worse for a homeowner than finding creepy crawlies in the house, whether it’s nuisance ants or damaging termites. Though you can attempt to treat infestations yourself using equipment and treatment solutions from the hardware store, you can save a lot of time and money by simply calling in a pro like Planet Orange to handle your pest control services. Here are some of the top reasons this is the better option.


Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Pest Control Professional


When it comes to applying pesticides in the spaces your family uses, you want the treatment to immediately be effective so those who share the house with you won’t be repeatedly exposed to chemicals through multiple treatments.

  • Professional pest control companies have access to chemicals that are stronger and quicker-acting than what’s available in the home improvement store.
  • These pesticides, many of which are eco-friendly, can last for months to years, reducing the frequency of application.
  • The trained professionals know exactly what types of chemicals to use and how to do so safely, which cuts down on duplicative treatments and ineffective placement.

Time and Money

You may be tempted to try a quick solution yourself in order to spare the expense of hiring a pest control company. But you could be wasting time, money, and frustration by going DIY.

  • Pest control service professionals usually can be scheduled to come out to your home quickly. They apply the pest-specific pesticide fast and effectively.
  • If a homeowner is unsure which treatment to use, he or she might be buying every option in the store, which can be costly and still not work properly. Plus it exposes family member to multiple chemicals.
  • The pros can take care of your problem generally in a single visit to your home.


Pesticides, even “green” versions, are not to be taken lightly. That’s why you want someone who knows how to use them properly and safely.

  • The trained professionals at pest control service companies can diagnose your pest problem right away.
  • With this information in hand, they can apply the minimal amount of chemicals to address the issue. They also may be dealing with dangerous bugs, so they were protective suits during treatment. The homeowner does not have to take any risk.
  • Professional companies are insured, and most offer guarantees for their work.

The upsides to hiring a pest control professional instead of personally tackling the problem piecemeal are many. If you’d like to learn more about the services available, you can contact Planet Orange for pest control help in the San Francisco Bay Area.


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