Sowbugs (Porcellionidae) and Pillbugs (Armadillidiidae)

Sowbugs and pillbugs, which are also called woodlice, are crustaceans, not insects. They require a lot of moisture where they live. Sowbugs (Porcellio laevis) and Pillbugs (Armadillium vulgare) can be beneficial as they are excellent decomposers, however they can damage some plant sprouts. They occasionally wander in a home, particularly if it is dry outside. Sow bug control begins with cleaning up debris in the garden. Rake up and remove dead plant matter, bricks, wooden planks and anything that gives sow bugs in the garden a protected place to hide. Pay particular attention to debris near or against the foundation, as this is often a spot that holds moisture. Chemicals are not necessary to eliminate sow bugs. While sow bugs in the garden will occasionally feed on tender plant material, they do not bite and are not dangerous to people.

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