Homeowners often walk a fine line between wanting to get rid of annoying, dangerous pests in the home and a desire to protect the environment. While chemicals and pesticides are often incredibly effective at getting rid of annoying pests, some are particularly harmful to the environment, and can be extremely dangerous when not used correctly. So how are homeowners supposed to protect their homes and protect the environment?

Peppermint for Green Pest Control | Planet Orange

Fortunately, here at Planet Orange, we have some of the answers with our green pest control options. We’ve started using basic household items like vacuum cleaners, door sweeps, and detergent water to create eco friendly pest control options that everyone can feel good about. Even our professional grade products contain people friendly ingredients such as peppermint, rosemary oil and clove oils.

Integrated Pest Management

We subscribe strongly to the idea that harmful chemicals aren’t always necessary to remove pests and rodents from your home. While traditional companies may use pesticides to exterminate pests, green companies are using things like traps to discover where pests and rodents are to ensure they don’t have access to homes.

Rather than using chemicals, green pest control companies focus more on the how and why pests are able to infiltrate a building. Once the weak spot has been discovered, vacuums, detergent water, and low toxicity plant based products are used to combat an already existing problem.

Why Is It Better?

Integrated pest management services are believed to be healthier for the home, the family, and the overall environment. Since many ingredients used are everyday home items, costs can be significantly lower when using green approved products to remove pests from the home or to stop them from entering altogether.

Products such as peppermint, which are not harmful to humans can be fatal or highly repellent for certain insects. Green companies such as Planet Orange are able to utilize these substances to get rid of insects and pests without additional risks to the home or family.

ven homes that don’t have an obvious rodent or pest problem can benefit from the services of an integrated pest management company. Research suggests that certain infestations can be harmful to the health of children, particularly those who live in areas that are poorly maintained. Excrement and other substances can create asthma-like triggers and exacerbate existing health problems. This is where a green pest company can help.

As green companies place the focus on where and how the pests are entering the building, even homes without an obvious problem can benefit from the preventive aspects of pest control.

Know the Difference

Here at Planet Orange, we know there will always be a use for pesticides in removing rodents and pests from the home, and you can trust us to know when chemicals are appropriate or when a safer option is available. Call us today for all your pest control needs and questions.

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