The temperature during the summer months in California can get pretty hot. When it starts to get hot in May, certain species become a lot more active and noticeable. These include wasps, termites, ants, and cockroaches. Planet Orange knows how important it is to manage pests during the summer season.

What Pests Come Out in California During the Summer?


Termite nests can either be found underground, inside dead trees, or sometimes in the foundations of your home. One easy way to know if you have termites is when you see small piles of ‘sawdust’ around the exterior of your home. They feed on damp rotting wood that has been in contact with the soil, such as an old fence or even old furniture.

Because of where you’d typically find termites in the summer months, you wouldn’t complain about them until it’s too late.


In California, wasps can be particularly difficult as they can be aggressive and extremely territorial if you get too close to their wasp nest.

A queen will start with a small nest to house its young, but as it turns to summer these smaller nests quickly accumulate and become a much larger wasp nest.

The wasp colonies can be found around the exterior of your home, in sheds, and garages where you store junk that doesn’t get moved for many months.


The many kinds of cockroaches are a problem in the California area all year round. They need decaying matter and water to survive and will make nests in piles of garbage and near sewage systems.

The best solution to help prevent a cockroach infestation during the summer months would be to keep your home as clean as possible at all times. In the California heat, sometimes this is not enough, so calling a pest control professional may be the best solution


Ants are a major pest in California during the summer months. They are everywhere and become a big problem when they find food supplies in the home. They crawl into containers and cupboards.

You can typically find ants swarming around the used dishes or food in your home, so it’s important to keep your surfaces nice and clean. They are notorious for showing up where there is food, and in summer they come out in force.

Summer Pest Prevention in California 

In the late spring months, pests are already starting to get problematic as they are optimum conditions for feeding and growing. As we are approaching the summer months here in California, Planet Orange know that many insect populations have already erupted in both their size and activity levels.

To help prevent the summer bugging season, contact a pest control professional on 1-888-979-6897 today! 

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