Cockroaches are one of the most feared household pests due to the severity of harm they can cause. They contaminate food by leaving their saliva, which when consumed can lead to severe health problems. They also damage various household items by leaving their droppings on them. There are several ways of preventing cockroaches from entering into homes. Hiring a roach exterminator is one of the most effective ways of prevention.

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Causes of Cockroach Infestation

Cockroaches enter into homes through boxes, bags, sewage tanks, etc. They don’t leave the premises easily. Following are major causes of cockroach infestation.

  • Food Waste: Roaches are attracted to human food, pet food, egg shells, and cardboard boxes.
  • Damp Areas: Damp areas are breeding grounds for cockroaches.
  • Darkness and Hidden Places: Roaches seek shelter in dark and hidden places such as roofing tiles, shelving tops, books, etc.
  • Strong Odor: Improperly disposed garbage, especially wet garbage can leave pungent odors that tend to attract cockroaches.

Quick DIY Tips for Cockroach Pest Control

The following steps will help you avoid re-infestation:

  • Seal cracks and crevices.
  • Clean utensils after cooking and don’t leave them in the sink overnight.
  • Get rid of food waste dumped in your surroundings or lying in your wastebasket.
  • Wipe insides of cupboards or shelves using soap solutions.
  • Discard clutter from the house. Anything from piles of old paper to clothing can become breeding grounds for cockroaches.
  • Keep naphthalene balls in the different parts of cupboards or cabinets. Their pungent smell will drive away cockroaches.
  • Keep cooking utensils upside down so that there are no cockroach droppings within them.
  • Find cockroach nests and destroy them.
  • Dry any damp areas under sinks, toilets, and tubs using baking soda.
  • Remove yard waste and mulch from your surroundings.
  • Store food in air-tight containers.

If your clean house still attracts cockroaches, you should seek the help of roach exterminator services in your area. You can schedule an appointment with a reliable roach exterminator service provider in San Jose or in your area to get rid of cockroaches permanently.

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