Pest control services can be very worthwhile. Professional pest control technicians can keep spiders, ants, termites, bees, wasps, cockroaches, bed bugs, earwigs, beetles and other common household bugs out of your home and yard. Hiring the right pest control company for the job is an important step and will likely lead to a positive pest control experience.

Here are some things to keep in mind as you choose the right pest control company for you.

1. Do Some Research Couple Searching For a Pest Control Company | Planet Orange

Educate yourself on the pest you are concerned about—how they live, eat, and travel. Learn about common ways for homeowners and professionals to eliminate them from household areas. Be informed about pest control procedures and pesticides. This knowledge will help you as you move forward and discuss options with a pest control professional.

Conduct research on different companies as well. Learn about different companies’ reputations, backgrounds, policies, customer service, and customer satisfaction ratings. Check out any reviews and make sure that the company you choose carries general liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance. Doing this will help you quickly weed out companies that are neither reputable nor reliable.

2. Consider Recommendations

Often, friends, neighbors, and family members have solicited pest control services and can share with you their experiences with different pest control companies. These are opinions and experiences to consider as you choose a company to hire.

3. Inspections and Solutions

Before you sign a contract for a pest control service, ask the company to inspect your home and property for pest problems. This inspection should yield lots of information such as:

  • Type of pest(s)
  • Locations of pest problem areas
  • Proposed method of treatment
  • Proposed length of treatment
  • Pesticides needed
  • Project safety measures
  • Price of service

Feel free to discuss this information with the pest control technician and decide whether you are comfortable with moving forward with that particular company.

Taking time to choose the right company to handle your pest control needs will likely lead to a positive pest control experience. To learn more about pest control services, please call us, Planet Orange, at 1-800-767-2643, or fill out our online contact request form today.

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