The Bees-Knees of Pest Control: 3 Reasons to Choose Planet Orange

Every company near and far claims to be the best in the business. And with surplus pest control companies available for you to choose from, it can be difficult to determine which one works best for you and your home…

At Planet Orange, we know you have choices about who you contract for pest control and termite services. That’s why we go above and beyond to be responsive to your needs and to treat you & your property with respect and courtesy.

Everyone at Planet Orange is involved in providing the best customer service possible and building our name brand to be synonymous with professional service and eco-friendly solutions. We work hard every day to build trust and deliver effective eco-friendly solutions.

To shed light on why Planet Orange is the best option for your next pest control problem, here are the top 3 benefits of choosing our service.

1. Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable (environment)

Many pest control services will use harsh pesticides to remove any of the many species of these irritating bugs from your property, with the intention of eliminating the parasitic relationship you have with these pests. However, this leaves many susceptible to more damaging side effects.

In some cases, people and pets have experienced wheezing, rashes, nausea, stinging eyes, and other medical implications.

Yet, some say without using strong pesticides, you can’t guarantee that all those household pests go away. Some would admit that it’s worth it to be rid of those pests.

At Planet Orange, we would passionately argue otherwise…

Planet Orange was founded on the belief that there was a better way to handle common home services like pest control. We knew there were innovative products and emerging technologies that weren’t being used by most pest control companies in California.

We knew that by combining alternative environmentally conscious products with technologies and excellent customer service, we could provide better solutions to infestation issues. At the same time, our eco-friendly products would help lower the impact that traditional pest control services have on the environment. Our sustainable treatments control all of your pest-related problems not only in the most environmentally friendly way but also safeguard consumers and pets from nasty toxins and chemicals that can create an unhealthy environment. Our products allow you, your family, animals etc to remain within your home whilst Planet Orange technicians take care of any pest-related issue for you.

Moreover, while you may be able to purchase products off the shelf in your local hardware stores, their ingredients may still be quite toxic to your family and pets.

2. Expertise 

Since our inception, we’ve completed projects for some of the country’s best-known organizations. These include the San Jose Sharks, the San Jose Earthquakes, and the San Francisco Giants, as well as tens of thousands of satisfied Bay Area residential, commercial, and industrial property owners.

The service process begins by discussing the client’s needs and concerns. We then work expediently with the customer to create a detailed and tailored pest treatment plan, which will allow for effective eco-friendly pest control, without inconveniencing the family for prolonged periods of time.

Our expertise within the field means that we can offer a range of treatment plans for a variety of pest-related situations. We are GreenPro certified so depending on your preferences, the type of pest, and other relevant factors, our qualified technicians will help you select the products and treatment type that will work best for you and your pest control needs.

Each pest has its own unique characteristics or traits that are important to know in order to properly identify a pest control problem in your home. Planet Orange is here to help you learn more about each type of potential pest, understand how that bug or pest might enter your home, and how to diagnose to the extent of your pest infestation problem. We also have helpful tips that you can try on your own to either prevent these common bugs from gaining entry in the future.

3. Local Pest Control Company

Pest Control near me?

Aside from the obvious health and safety benefits of hiring a highly skilled and professional pest control company, we’re also LOCAL to you in the Bay Area.

At Planet Orange, we offer a wide variety of bespoke pest control treatments. Based in the San Francisco Bay area, our pest control consultants can tailor each service to deal with the specific pests in the regional restrictions by county and city to provide additional advice on how to ensure those pesky creatures do not make a swift return.


We’re also heavily involved in the community, not surprising since Planet Orange is locally owned and operated. In fact, all our employees live in the San Francisco Bay area. We give back to the community by sponsoring fundraising activities at schools, major league events, and a number of local charities.

Like what you hear? 

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide innovative and environmentally friendly pest control services to all our commercial, industrial, and residential clients in the San Francisco Bay area. Our team is ready and waiting to provide you with the advice and pest or termite treatment plan you need to create a safe environment for you, your family, and your employees – Call Now 1-888-979-6897

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