As with many products and services, you may have hundreds of choices when it comes time to choose between pest control companies. Whether you have a preferred company or not, it’s often essential that you deal with pest infestations quickly and efficiently to ensure that your home and family are protected. While fast treatment is important, it’s even more essential that you choose a knowledgeable, reputable company that meets your high standards. We recommend considering several things before you hire any pest control company.

Qualifications and Experience

Questions to ask pest control companies | Planet Orange

As with any service you purchase, you want a qualified, experienced professional to perform the job. Ask the following questions of your exterminator:

  • Is your license current?
  • Are all of your technicians licensed?
  • How are staff members informed and trained in regulation, product, technique, and safety changes?
  • Does your company use Integrated Pest Management techniques?

You may also want to learn more about how long the company has been in business and how new technicians are trained and educated. While most pest control companies can treat a variety of pest problems, you may find one that specializes in your particular pest.

Here at Planet Orange, we specialize in eco-friendly treatments that allow you to feel good about your family’s effect on the environment.

Value and Reputation

It’s a harsh reality that your budget will play into your decision. While in a perfect world you could afford everything you need, that’s just not real life. You may want to compare rates to determine if one company’s costs fall within your budget, although you should never sacrifice quality for price.

It’s also important to determine if you are required to sign a long term contract and what the costs are over the time period. Ask questions about what kind of guarantee is offered and what the terms are for that guarantee. You want to be sure that you are getting what you pay for.

You likely rely on family and friends for referrals for many things, and pest control companies are no different. Real life experience from those you trust can often mean more than a paid advertisement selling services from a company.

Choose the Best

At Planet Orange, we are proud of our reputation and our customer retention rates. Our customers come to us again and again to handle their pest infestations. Call us today to speak to a qualified professional about how we can help improve your home.

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