Bed bugs are one of the most frustrating problems when it comes to pests in your home. There is nothing worse than lying in your bed at night, and feeling a bed bug biting you. Bed bugs are a serious issue, and can cause a lot of problems to homeowners. It is important that homeowners understand the methods to treat bed bug bites, as well as the pest control treatments to eliminate them. We provide information on these points in this post.

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Why Bed Bugs are a Menace

Bed bugs feed on the blood of people and animals, and are mostly active at night when everybody is asleep. Bed bugs have stinger-like mouthparts, which pierce the skin, and allow the bug to suck blood. It takes an adult bed bug about 10 minutes to complete a meal. The biggest trouble is their rate of reproduction. Once impregnated, a female bed bug lays four to five eggs every day. Also, bed bugs can live in mattresses, floors, baseboards, wall crevices, loose paintings and wallpapers, etc. They can move from one room to another in search of food. This can result in a huge bed bug infestation in home.

How to Recognize Bed Bug Bites and their Symptoms

Bed bugs can bite anywhere around the body. However, they tend to focus on exposed areas, such as feet, legs, arms and hands. Bed bug bites are different from other insects. The tell-tale signs are:

  • The bite is recognized by a dark pink or red, swollen area
  • Blisters at the bite location are also common
  • You may also find bites that are grouped together, or in a line
  • Bite marks that cause itchiness
  • Some victims feel a hot, or burning sensation at the bite area

Scratching the bite can cause secondary infections. It should be noted that bed bug bites do not appear immediately. It takes a few days for the above symptoms to start appearing. Also, bed bugs do not come out every night, as they can live without eating for several days.

How to Treat Bed Bug Bites

The good news about bed bugs is, they do not spread any diseases through their bites. Hence, you can go ahead and treat the bed bug bites without worry. Points regarding treatment are given below.

  • Use an anti-itch cream to prevent yourself from scratching the bites.
  • Apply an antiseptic lotion to treat infections.
  • Use ice packs to numb the skin and the burning sensations.
  • Visit your doctor, who can give appropriate medications to reduce the sensations.

It should be noted that these solutions are only for temporary relief. The key is to call a certified bed bug pest control services company to exterminate the pests. You can try contacting a service provider who uses eco-friendly products. This will allow you to stay in the house during the procedure. Also, it will ensure that the health and safety of your family will not be harmed.

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