Products Used

The pest control team uses a broad range of products to resolve every type of pest issue. Our products include many EPA-exempt products that are botanical plant-based products. These products include such ingredients as peppermint, rosemary oil and clove oil. Many of these botanical products can achieve the desired results for homeowners, without the worry associated with using synthetic chemicals.

Pest Control

Effective pest management is an ongoing process that takes expertise and commitment from your pest control operator. At Planet Orange, our expert technicians are among the industry’s most experienced, and their commitment to your safety and comfort is without equal.


A successful pest control service is based on listening to a homeowners concerns and goals. By building a detailed treatment action plan, your technician will ensure that your goals are reached, in a way that works for your family!

Plans Available

Planet Orange offers a full range of treatment plans, depending on the specific situation and also the customer’s goals and preferences. Your technician will be able to discuss these available plans with you in detail and build a plan around your needs.

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