If you are in need of a pest control company, you’ve likely already taken steps to get rid of the insects or pests on your own. In order to facilitate a simple, successful visit, there are a few things you should do to get your home ready.

Preparing Your Home for the Pest Control Company

Here at Planet Orange, we use environmentally friendly methods to get rid of those annoying insects and rodents that like to take up residence in your home. We want every visit to be successful and productive, so we encourage you to prepare your home in the following ways.

12 Easy Steps in Preventing Unsafe Treatment and Reinfestation


    • 1. The first thing to do before the pest control company arrives is to clean your home. Eliminate any food sources for insects, and maintain a clean home as much as possible for better results in the long term.


    • 2. Remove small items, appliances and any food from your counter tops. Insects often look for food where it is easiest to find, and may hide behind small things on the counter.


    • 3. If you have young children in the home, make sure to cover and store any baby supplies, toys or crib mattresses.


    • 4. Scrub hard floors or any woodwork in the home with detergent, and vacuum any carpeted floors.


    • 5. Vacuum any insects and their eggs before the company arrives. After removing the waste from the vacuum, make sure to wipe it down to avoid further contamination.


    • 6. Take the garbage out every single night, and always tie and close your garbage containers.


    • 7. Clean behind and beneath any movable appliances in your kitchen before the company arrives. Move them away from the wall for easier access.


    • 8. Check through your home to ensure that the company has full access to any place where the insects or bugs have been seen.


    • 9. Get rid of piles of trash or other paper products, as these create the perfect home for insects.


    • 10. Immediately repair water leaks when they are noticed.


    • 11. Inform the pest control company of any special allergies or health conditions for those who live in the home.


  • 12. After your service, keep the home clean and sanitized as thoroughly as possible.

Once your home has been serviced, watch closely for signs of an insect reappearance, and call the pest control company immediately if you think you have a problem.

Choose the Best Company for Pest Control

Here at Planet Orange, we are committed to clearing your home of annoying, unsafe insects and rodents. Call us today to learn more about our green methods for pest control.


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