Spring is a time of renewal, and there are so many things to look forward to, from birds singing and the sun shining to warmer days and no school. What you probably aren’t looking forward to is the influx of pests and bugs that typically come during the springtime. You may be blissfully oblivious during the winter months, only to discover that you have a serious pest problem once the weather starts to heat up.

Preparing for Spring: Pest Control Tips

In order to help you enjoy the beautiful spring weather without the desire to tear your hair out from the frustration, we have some spring pest control tips to help you prepare your home.

Ants of all kinds, wasps, spiders, crickets, beetles, mites, and bees are some of the common springtime pests that homeowners deal with. Follow these guidelines to help you avoid troubling run-ins that leave you scratching your head.

Perform an Examination

The best way to stop a pest problem before it starts is to examine the exterior of your home several times a year. Look for holes and cracks in foundation, or holes around any windows. Typically, ants enter the home through tiny cracks around windows.

Seal any holes or cracks you find before pests become a problem in the home. Once you eliminate the opportunity for pests to enter your home, you’ve finished the first step in pest control.

Keep Shrubs and Trees Cut Back

Pests may use your shrubs or trees as bridges to get to your home. Insects are more likely to reside in grass that is resting right up against the exterior of your home. If your home’s structural exterior is weakened by poorly placed plants, this also creates a perfect place for pests to live.

Because pests are often able to live outside AND inside your home, keeping the trees and shrubs trimmed back lessens your chance of having a pest problem. Make this a habit each year to prevent an infestation.

Clean Up

Pests are happy to spend their days dining in your pantry, particularly if it is messy and food packages are not sealed. Always wipe down your counters, keep your floors clean and clean out any cabinets. Simple household chores like these can be a serious tool in the fight against household pests.

Along with keeping your kitchen and pantry clean, make sure the lids on your trash cans are always sealed tightly. Always line outdoor garbage bags with liners if you can to provide an extra layer of defense.

Your Pest Control Resource

When you aren’t sure what to look for or how to prepare you home, come to the experts. Here at Planet Orange, we know exactly what to look for when examining your home for pest problems. Call us today for a thorough inspection to prepare your home for springtime.

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