Living in the San Jose area, it is quite common to encounter any number of pests in and around your home. While these pests can certainly present a number of issues that range from mere annoyance to severe health hazard, there are many ways that we here at Planet Orange are able to combat their presence.

It is always helpful, however, if you are able to understand and identify the common household bugs that you are most likely to encounter, which are as follows:

Pests Common to San Jose

While it is very common to come across all of the aforementioned common household insects in California, it is most helpful to you to understand the details surrounding bed bugs, termites and fleas when living in the San Jose area.

Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs are nefarious and nocturnal creatures that feed on the blood of humans and other hosts. As implied by their name, they are often found in bedding, commonly in that of hotel or motel rooms. Since these bugs are quite small, you will have to look closely if you wish to avoid the itchy bites that bed bugs will leave behind. If you see any signs of an infestation, call us immediately, as these bugs can reproduce very quickly.


There are three different types of termite that you are likely to encounter in the San Jose area, and each one is capable of wreaking havoc on your property if left unchecked. Subterranean, Drywood and Dampwood termites are all capable of causing significant damage by destroying wood structures. No matter what type of termite you encounter, it is always best to take corrective action in an expeditious manner.


Fleas are a parasite that you are probably somewhat familiar with if you have ever had a pet. The fleas take cover in the fur of animals and feed on their host while also reproducing very quickly. They are also able to leap over far distances, enabling them to be able to travel between hosts relatively easily. If you see your pets constantly scratching at their fur, or you notice small bites on your skin, you may be dealing with a flea infestation. Flea eggs can also lie dormant in carpeting for a long while, which is why it important to treat your furnishings as well as your pet.

Other Pests

There are a multitude of other common household insects California has to offer, that you may encounter in your San Jose home, so if you find yourself dealing with an infestation problem, please feel free to call on us at 1-800-767-2643 so we can offer our expert assistance. Of course, we always work to remove any pests you may be dealing with in a manner that is safe for you and for the environment.

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