Although the concept of bed bugs may seem like a charming anecdote to tell children when tucking them in at night, they are considerably more real than most people would like to think. Particularly through the holidays, as this is the middle of bed bug season. Bed bugs are spread from one place to another by humans, and travel increases drastically during the holiday season, making infestations more likely.

Bed bugs can be picked up in hotels or even on airplanes by those who are traveling to visit family for the holidays. According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, travel increases by 54% just during the Thanksgiving holiday. That’s a lot of people traveling to new places and possibly bringing home unwanted pests after a visit. Rather than closing your doors to the ones you love during the holidays, try the following tips for keeping the bed bugs away.

Keep Sheets and Blankets Tucked In

How to Keep the Bed Bugs Away

Bed bugs are unable to fly or jump, so tucking in sheets and blankets eliminates one route of travel for these little pests. While they may still be able to climb up the bedposts from luggage, this lessens the chances of them finding a new place to stay in your home.

Get Rid of Clutter

When guests are visiting your home, ask them to hang up their coats and other items that would typically be laid on the floor. Simply provide a small luggage rack or small table for them to place their items. This helps eliminate any unnecessary clutter and removes hiding places where bed bugs may reside between feedings.

Store Suitcases Elsewhere

Once your guests have unpacked their bags, remove the suitcases and store them somewhere else entirely. This stops bed bugs from moving from luggage to your beds before they even have a chance.

Position Beds Away From the Walls

Bed bugs will move into baseboards and walls during the day. As night sets in, they will emerge from their hiding spots to feed on their unsuspecting, peaceful human subjects as they sleep. If beds are moved away from walls, they are unable to hide in the walls during the day.

Purchase Lighter Colored Bedding

It can be difficult to spot bed bugs on darker sheets and comforters. The best way to see bed bugs is to look closely for bug waste that is dark in color. Bed bugs will leave their feces in the same places they hide and hang out. If your sheets and comforters are white or pastel, it’s much easier to determine when you have a bed bug problem.

Call the Experts

If you have a problem with bed bugs, call the experts for bed bug removal at Planet Orange to ensure that your home is clean and safe for your traveling guests this holiday season.

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