How to Prevent An Earwig Infestation in Your Home

What are Earwigs?

Earwigs are small brown insects that have forceps-like pincers on their abdomen, with some species able to fly and others not. There are over 900 species of earwig around the world and 21 species currently habitating in California. They are nocturnal, living in moist soil areas, under boards and stones, mainly feeding on decaying plants, fruit, flowers, and mold. Unlike many insects, Earwigs are able to chew so they are able to eat tough foods, such as other insects.

How do Earwigs Get Inside Your Home?

There are two main reasons as to how Earwings can invade your home:

  1. Accidentally, through human activities 
  2. Looking for an escape from inclement weather outdoors.

Earwigs enter your home through small gaps, cracks, and holes inside the structure. The most common entry points can include poorly sealed doors and windows; attics and vents; and crevices where foundations meet siding. As well as this, human activities play a major part in earwig infestation. Earwigs may get inside when you bring in newspapers, a collection of books, or when plants are moved inside the home. These pests invade your home without you realizing it, but it is also common for Earwigs to move from their outdoor habitats when light attracts them.

Earwigs do not thrive in a human environment, but can happily accommodate themselves in a warm, moisture-rich, and cozy location. Harsh weather conditions can quickly drive these creatures indoors. They have the ability to get indoors through the tiniest of cracks and are normally found near doorways and easily disguised, while still having access to food and water. This makes your bathroom and kitchen the perfect location for an Earwig. They are often found indoors during the summer months (their breeding season). They regularly seek shelter during the day, so if you see them indoors, it is normally due to their hiding places being disturbed while you’re cleaning or moving items around.

How to Keep Earwigs out of Your Home?

It may seem that no house harbors the environment for an Earwig infestation; Although, sometimes there can be leeks or condensation, providing the wet and humid environment that Earwigs love. Earwigs do not thrive in our home environment, but through a lack of good maintenance, pest control, and conditions leading to excessive moisture, these pests can invade our home.

The most important task is to ensure your house conditions are as inhospitable as possible. Here are some of the key factors that Planet Orange put together to inhibit an Earwig infestation. 

Make sure:

  • Front doors are regularly swept 
  • Doors fit tightly 
  • All foundation points have no cracks 
  • Install screens on weep holes in brick
  • Window screens fit securely 
  • Vacuum your home regularly – eliminating food sources

For homes that have dirt floor crawl spaces, these conditions are perfect for Earwigs, particularly if there is no vapor barrier down or no dehumidification. The atmosphere within this crawlspace leads to the development of fungi and insects. To try and prevent Earwigs from inhabiting your home, fit a vapor barrier to try and stop the moisture within the crawlspace. If there is still moisture present, then use dehumidification to dry the crawl. When Earwigs don’t have a moist place to call home inside, they may move back outside.

Why are Pest Control Inspections Important?

While there are many preventative methods to reduce Earwig infestations, It is extremely important to have a home inspection for pest control a couple of times a year, particularly in California. Your best and most effective method would be to allow a pest control specialist to remove the majority of the infestation. Once the Earwigs have been initially targeted, you can follow the methods above to keep them from returning.

Pest control professionals at Planet Orange can provide effective and sustainable methods to exterminate these Earwigs, unlike many competitors that use harsh chemicals and old-fashioned methods. We can offer guidance and provide a full pest control examination; utilizing and preventing an Earwig infestation within your home.


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