When you know you have a pest control problem, such as mice running around your kitchen or restaurant, you’re likely to head to the store to purchase some traps. Many people purchase multiple traps and set them up strategically around the apparently infested area. After first setting them up, home and business owners anxiously check the traps to see what they’ve caught. All too often, it seems like the traps come up empty. You know there’s definitely a pest control problem, so why aren’t your traps working? In addition to taking proper action, you also might want to consider calling on professional pest control services, such as those at Planet Orange.

My Traps Aren’t Catching Any Pests!

Why Aren’t My Traps Working?

One of the most common reasons why a trap doesn’t work is because it is not set up properly. It’s difficult for a mouse trap to spring on an unsuspecting rodent if it hasn’t been properly triggered. It can’t trigger properly unless it has been set properly. Be sure to carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions for setting the traps you purchase.

Many times, small rodents such as mice are attracted to a building by the crumbs and other pieces of food that are found all over. This food might not just be limited to the floor; it may also be found in drawers, cupboards, and even in furniture. Even if you lace your traps with attractive peanut butter or cheese, why would a mouse go for that when there are candy crumbs in a loose drawer nearby? Some of your traps may not be working because there are too many other enticing temptations lurking in more accessible areas.

Take Action Yourself

When you’re facing a rodent infestation, one of the first things you need to do is clean up. Your traps are more likely to work the way you expect them to if the rodents cannot get into food from other parts of your house. Make sure to thoroughly clean up after eating. Sweep and vacuum up all crumbs in all parts of your home. Some pests may leave on their own if there is no food to find.

Call Pest Control

When you’re still failing to see a difference in your pest control problem, that’s when you need to call on the professional services of Planet Orange. We can come to your property, inspect the problem, and take action from there. We offer a variety of services to help treat your home while keeping you and your family safe.


We know the last thing you want to see running around your home or business is a rodent. Call on Planet Orange if your rodent infestation is out of control. We’ll help you get rid of your pests and get life and business back to normal.

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