Warmer temperatures mean outdoor barbecues, camping, family trips, and fun in the sun. Unfortunately, they also often lead to the annoying presence of flies both in and outside your home. Whether they come in through open doors or windows or a source unknown to you, the result is the same.

How To Get Rid of Flies | Planet Orange

The constant buzzing of flies is annoying, and flies can actually bring in substances to your home that are unhealthy and unhygienic. The age old question is how to get rid of flies without damaging the environment. Here at Planet Orange, we’ve got some simple tips to creating peace again in your home.

Keep it Clean

One way to rid your home of flies is to regularly clean the areas they love to hang out. Always wash your dishes immediately after using them, and place leftovers and crumbs in to the garbage or the sink. Encourage children to clean up before and after meals, and always put rotting food outside of your doors. Flies will often lay eggs on rotten fruit and create an infestation.

Pet Woes

Whenever pet food is left out, you’ll find flies. Flies are attracted to uncovered pet food, and you can remove the temptation by always covering the bins used to hold the particles of food. Even the smallest particles of food can keep a fly happy, so always keep your pet’s dishes clean.

Control the Light

When you’re trying to get rid of flies, it’s important to create an area for them to leave. Darken your home by shutting all your blinds, curtains, and drapes for a period of time. If you can, shut the doors to the area where the flies are. Then, open one door and allow a tiny sliver of light to come through. This gives the flies a chance to see the light and exit before they are swatted and killed.

If the flies refuse to leave the home or can’t seem to find their way out, use a fly swatter as they fly around the area with light.

Utilize Vinegar

Vinegar is a useful tool when getting rid of flies. You can make a vinegar fly trap in just a few easy steps.

  • Obtain a clean jar and fill it to the halfway mark with apple cider vinegar
  • Punch holes large enough for flies to enter the jar in the lid
  • Place your trap where flies seem to congregate

Flies will enter the jar and be unable to find their way back out.

Let Us Help

If your fly problem seems to be out of your control, and basic steps aren’t helping to remove this annoyance, call Planet Orange today. We’ll ensure that your home or business is buzz-free and clean.

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