Flea problems and controlling them are one of the biggest expenditures homeowners in America make each year, with the total coming in around $9 billion. Fleas are wingless, small insects that survive by eating blood from people and animals. While the cat flea is the most common, these insects can also find their way into your home in the form of rat, human, and dog fleas.

Fortunately for most homeowners, flea treatment is fairly simple and painless, although follow through is extremely important. These insects are more of a nuisance than a serious problem for your home, but it’s always a good idea for a licensed flea exterminator to deal them with quickly.

Flea Problems

Flea Control Issues

Fleas bring both disease and irritation into the home. When animals are infested with fleas, they will constantly scratch at heavily infested areas. Animals have even been known to develop nervous conditions or ruin their coats from scratching when fleas are present.

While cat fleas do not live on humans, they will bite those who handle animals that are infested. Flea bites are characterized by red, itchy, small bumps typically found on the lower legs or the ankles. Some individuals may have an allergy to flea bites, leading to hives or rashes. Allergic reactions may appear just 12-24 hours after a flea bite.

I Have Fleas In My Home But No Pets!!!

It’s a common misconception that only homes with animals can have fleas. At times, buildings can become infested with fleas even when no pets live in the structure. Wild animals may nest in the building and cause an infestation, although a licensed pest controller can seal openings in buildings through which animals may be entering the building or home.

Furthermore, flea eggs can survive in carpeting or furniture and lie dormant for some time, only to be awakened when the right conditions arise. The reverberations of a vacuum cleaner or warmer weather can cause the eggs to hatch and fleas to appear, although they unlikely to survive for long without an animal host.

Proper Flea Control

With good sanitation, most buildings remain free and clear of flea infestations. Good sanitation is an important part of keeping the environment clean and healthy. Easy ways to keep your home clear of fleas are:

  • Vacuum regularly under cushions, chairs, beds, and furniture.
  • Discard vacuum bags at least once every week.
  • Call a pest control company for more stubborn flea problems.
  • Perform all follow up treatments recommend by a licensed professional in order to avoid new infestations.

Whether you have animals living in your home or fear you may have another type of flea making you itch, we can help you ensure that your environment is clean and clear of these pesky bugs. Call Planet Orange today to speak to a licensed professional about the best way to identify a problem and treat your home for fleas.

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