Rats can show up anywhere in your home and become a nuisance and a health hazard before you even notice they are there. If you have rats in your home, your food supply is at risk as is the health of your family. Homeowners often fall victim to myths that rat control is simple and easy, and our goal is to dispel rumor and give you solid tools to use in your fight for rodent control.

Dispelling Myths About Rodent Control

1. Mice Are Best Baited With Cheese

While cheese may draw in mice and catch their attention, fruit, seeds and peanut butter are the much more effective choice when you are trying to catch rodents in your home. In dryer climates, bait is best when it is moist because mice and rats try to get water from all their food sources.

2. Rodents Won’t Do Anything Worse Than Chew

Rodents will chew through your home, but they will also leave feces and disease as they go. Rodents carry many diseases that can be harmful to humans, and they spread that disease as they move through your house.

3. Cats Are the Best Tool in Rodent Control

Fast mice or rats may be able to escape the paws of a cat brought into the home to get rid of rodents. There are times when domestic pets will even attract more mice and rats. Rodents may eat directly from your pet’s food bowl, which leaves your animals likely to pick up disease.

4. Only Dirty Homes Have Rats and Mice

While sanitation plays a big part in keeping your home pest free, it’s not enough to keep the mice and rats out. Rats and mice have a harder time infesting in large numbers in clean homes, but they can go without food for quite a while. Combined with the appropriate bait and the proper pest control tools, a clean home is perfect for getting rid of rodents.

5. Poison is the Preferred Method to Get Rid of Rodents

Homeowners that want to go green and organic as they control for pests are often deterred by poisons, and we have found that a more effective way to deal with rodents is to seal off small openings and holes in your home. Inspect your home regularly for entrance points to prevent an infestation of rodents.

6. Rodents Can Be Controlled With Homemade Bait

Typically, rodent bait should be avoided because it is highly toxic to humans. It’s never a good idea to make your own bait, as you place you and your family at risk when you work closely with toxic chemicals.

Seek Professional Help

A rodent infestation is not something to take lightly, and here at Planet Orange, we know the best ways to deal with these pests and remove them from your home. Call us to learn more about rodent control.

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