A cockroach infestation may do more than leave you concerned about the presence of little scurrying bugs – it may also leave you disgusted and angry. Research suggest that cockroaches are high on the list of pests or insects you never want to see in your home. Cockroaches are believed to be persistent and resilient, making them difficult to get rid of.

Cockroach Facts

Are Cockroaches Really That Bad-

While cockroaches have a bad boy reputation, below are some true facts that are associated with these pesky creatures to help you determine if really deserve the bad rap.

    • Cockroaches can react 25 times faster than the average human by sensing tiny changes in the area and moving within 8.2 milliseconds.


    • Roaches can run as fast as 3 miles per hour. In comparison, if cockroaches were human sized, they would be running 200 miles an hour.


    • Cockroaches could outlast humans in a nuclear holocaust, as they can resist radiation doses higher than humans by 15 times.


    • A female cockroach may lay a sac that holds up to 40 eggs, and will end her life with almost 400 offspring.


    • A hatchling becomes an adult in just 36 days.


    • Cockroaches can hold their breath under water for more than 45 minutes. Place a cockroach in water, and after 30 minutes it will still be alive. They can restrict their breathing in order to stabilize body temperature because they are cold blooded insects.


    • Cockroaches spread many viruses and diseases including E. coli, Entamoeba histolytica, and Salmonella.


    • Cockroaches don’t have to be concerned about the nutritional value of their food, as they can make their own vitamins with a symbiotic relationship with the substances in their own bodies.


    • They have the ability to squeeze through tiny openings in order to enter your home, and they actually prefer a tight fit.


    • They will last only a week with no water, but can go without food for up to 45 days.


    • Cockroaches can exist with no head. They have spiracles throughout their bodies, creating small breathing spaces. Cockroaches will die eventually once the head is removed, but only because they are unable to drink.


    • Total, there are close to 4,000 types of cockroaches, but only 30 of these types typically invade homes.


Although these terrifying facts may make your blood run cold, roach control is fairly simple for a professional pesticide company.

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