Kitchens are often considered the heart of the home. You cook there. You eat there. You spend family time there. Maybe that is why ants want so badly to come in and join the fun! As the homeowner, however, you likely have a different idea—keep the ants out. Here are some helpful ant control tips to keep those little bugs at bay.

1. Seal Off Cracks

Ants are very small and can find even the tiniest entry site into your home. Look around your kitchen and other rooms in your home, especially around doors, windows, and baseboards. If you see openings or cracks, seal them off. A caulking product should do the trick.

Ant Exterminator - Ants Feeding on Crumbs in the Kitchen 2. Keep Food Crumbs Off the Floor

Ants come hungry. They can find and swarm any particle of food, regardless of size. Keep kitchen floors free of food and crumbs. This will deter ants from scavenging into your kitchen.

3. Keep Pet Food Off the Floor

It is not just human food the ants are after. Your dog or cat’s food is not immune. After your pets eat a meal, check to make sure the area is clean and crumb-free.

4. Safe, Effective Treatments

If ants are making their way into your kitchen, there are several all-natural cleaning products that can help stop the ant infestation. Some of these include:

  • Vinegar
  • Lemon juice
  • Peppermint oil

Cleaning your kitchen surfaces with these ingredients will fill the room with scents that we as humans find very pleasant but that ants find revolting. Another option is to treat around the outside of your home and garden with products such as:

  • Coffee grounds
  • Baby powder
  • Chalk
  • Cucumber peels
  • Citrus peels

Placing these things around the foundation of your home and in areas of suspected ant activity will likely slow or stop them from entering your home.

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