When it comes to home infestations, one of the worst problems is finding bed bugs under the covers. Bed bugs are more than a mere annoyance. They feed on human and animal blood, and females can lay up to 400 eggs. This can lead to a huge infestation. So, you need to get rid of those bugs as soon as possible. Before you decide to call in for pest treatment, there are a variety of home remedies that you can try out.

home remedies to get rid of bed bugs

Home Remedies for Eradicating Bed Bugs

Here are some natural ways to get rid of bed bugs and sleep peacefully.

Use the Vacuum Cleaner: If you find numerous bed bugs on the bed cover, and removing it will make things worse, you can start by using the vacuum cleaner to remove the bugs. Once you have done this, wipe the materials properly and clean them with hot water.


Wash Your Fabrics: Bed bugs cannot stand hot water and it is the easiest way to kill them. Ensure that you use extremely hot water to wash your bed sheets, linens, etc. It would also be a good idea to wash them regularly to avoid further infestation.


Steam the Sheets: Many times, bed bugs may get killed with a normal wash, but their eggs still remain in the sheets. If they hatch, it could lead to another infestation. A good solution is to steam the sheets. Hot steam will completely eradicate the eggs, ensuring that you won’t face any more problems.


Use Isopropyl: Isopropyl alcohol is one of the common home remedies to get rid of bed bug bites on your skin. However, you can also apply it on the areas where the bugs are most likely to be found. The strength of the alcohol can avoid infestation.


Try Lavender Oil: Lavender oil is a natural and effective bug repellant. Its smell or taste repels bed bugs. Rub the oil on the edges and corners of your bed. You can also try taking pieces of lavender and keeping them in between pillows and bed sheets.


Use the Clothes Dryer: This solution is perfect if you have a common wash and dry area in your building. Dryers create a high temperature, which is sufficient for killing bed bugs. You can do this for your sheets and linens, as well as rugs, toys or backpacks.

These are 6 simple methods to eliminate bed bugs that you may find in your home. If these methods are not useful, then you can contact Planet Orange. We provide bed bug pest control in San Jose and the Bay area.

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