10 Tips to Safeguard Your Home Against Summer Pests (Solve the Problem Before it Starts)

Why is it that bugs and other household pets love to come indoors during the summertime? It’s less likely that they are suckers for air conditioning and more plausible they are inside because they (and humans) are more active during the warm months. Here are some simple ideas on how to prevent pests coming into your home this summer.


If you gather wood during the summertime to fuel cozy fires in the winter, make sure to establish the woodpile well away from the house and several feet off the ground.


Bugs love small paths into your home. Seal up all voids that would allow them to enter, such as spaces around utility lines or pipes.


Tree branches and shrubs near the entry points to your house can be inviting to pests. Keep them trimmed and away from windows and doors.


Take the time to make sure your crawlspaces, attics, and basements are dry and have plenty of airflow.


The mortar around brickwork and basements can crumble if not maintained properly, creating small holes for household pests to enter the house. Check them often and repair mortar joints as necessary.


Rotting fascia or roof boards can attract certain types of pests. Repair any decaying wood on your home’s exterior immediately to cut down on this temptation.


Keep all your household garbage in a sealed container. Don’t leave bags piled up or sitting near the exterior of your home. Hungry pests will be attracted to the trash and then find a way inside the house’s interior.


Be sure you are always cleaning your house well. You can use a vinegar solution to clean your floors – depending what they’re made of – and help keep ants and other bugs away. If you see a bug trail, address it immediately.


Make sure you have a cover on the top of your chimney that allows smoke out but prevents animals from getting in. Chimneys are notorious for harboring all kinds of insects and small animals.


You may not think too much about the weather stripping around your doors and windows during the summertime, but if there are gaps, creepy crawlies are bound to get inside. Make sure the seals on these areas of your home are in good condition at all times.

If you take a proactive approach in the warm months, you can help keep household pests out of your home year-round. If you still haven’t been able to fully address the issues, however, consider seeking the help of the professionals at Planet Orange.

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