Wood damage can occur in many ways, but most commonly the causes can be attributed to damage caused by termites and other wood destroying organisms. Wood can also rot, especially when exposed to an ongoing moisture condition. Very often our termite inspections show signs of wood damage that should be addressed, as they can in some cases cause a structural weakening of the wood members. This weakening, when caused by pests or moisture conditions must be stopped to protect the structure and avoid more costly repairs down the road. Planet Orange has a construction division that specializes in identifying and rectifying these types of problems. Wood repair and the removal of moisture conditions are both critical services offered by this division.

There are many areas of a home that are particularly susceptible to wood damage. These include exposed areas that are either not painted or sealed properly. In these cases, both pests and moisture can find its way to bare wood and create a problem. Typical exterior areas include rafter tails, wood siding, window frames and trim. These areas should be carefully inspected regularly, to ensure they remain in good repair, painter and sealed appropriately. Bathrooms and kitchens are also a primary area for potential wood damage. This is mainly due to the presence of plumbing in these areas, which can lead to leaks, causing a moisture condition that can cause significant damage. Leaks under sinks and around toilets are most common and can lead to ongoing damage that is often not noticed by homeowners. The evidence of this is typically found by inspecting a home from the crawls space, where the area is not covered with flooring, drywall etc.

Our licensed and insured team will fully inspect any areas of the home that need attention and are qualified to complete the necessary work. We also provide a comprehensive on all workmanship, so you can be sure it is done right.

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