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Its our goal to be a customer service company that happens to provide pest control, termite and remodeling services; meaning whether we are helping you from our office or at your home, we are driven to be the best, and provide the best service as we perform our duties.

We have four time the reviews of most of our competitors on Yelp (335+), which speaks to how we conduct business and what drives us to be better!

1. Harvey C. from Santa Clara said on Yelp:

What we liked:

OUTSTANDING Cooperation – working WITH and FOR us in all respects, and especially in our case, schedules.
Outstanding people – Very professional at all times in all respects, polite, on time, willing to explain what, why, how, what the treatments entailed and what chemicals would be used.
Willing to work HARD to meet our extremely tight schedule constraints (Thank you Alan).
No pressure, no questions asked when we went ahead and made structural corrections with our own resources (not requesting whatever resources they might have available to contract), and their acceptance of our work done except to verify that identified issues were appropriately corrected. While they do have a contractor’s license to do that type of repair work, when we made no request for those services, they gave no indication of wanting to jump in and acquire additional business to remedy construction items.
First Impressions – The initial inspector Ryan made a tremendously positive, professional, and competent impression. He exhibited a very ethical set of values and honesty. He set the standard for subsequent contact with other Planet Orange personnel.

Concerns, complaints, did not like:

Would definitely recommend this San Jose team.

We contacted the San Jose CA, Planet Orange Company on a Tuesday. By noon of the next day, Wednesday, there was an individual, Ryan, out to do the initial inspection. He was very professional, personable, polite, through, and willing to explain anything involved. He gave us verbal report before he left. I had a formal report via e-mail the next day, and a second individual was present at the appointed time on Friday to inspect areas that Ryan could not access. I had an e-mail of the supplemental inspection by Saturday. Based on the verbal and written reports, and with the help of a plumber who made himself available Friday and over the weekend, he and I had all 5-construction type issues corrected by Sunday evening/Monday morning. Planet Orange was contacted Monday after noon, and had treatment team out as scheduled by 1 PM the next day, Tuesday. On Wed at noon as scheduled, a subsequent inspector came to verify and to “clear” all identified construction and termite/water damage/mold treatment issues. I had an e-mail copy of the “clearance document” by 4 PM Wed. afternoon.

EVERY person we contacted, met, who did work and inspections was UNFAILINGLY polite, professional, through, did what they could to minimize impacting us, and cleaned up after their work. They unfailingly explained anything we questioned if their initial explanation was not clear to us. Alan who did scheduling from the office was hugely responsive to getting his people to our house to meet our very tight schedule constraints.

Their report, at first, seemed to redundantly identify issues and provided recommended remedies. When questioned, the explanation was that they were providing different recommended solutions to the item identified more than one time. Example: evidence of dry wood termites in a post and side door. The first time identified the recommendation was to repair, remove, replace damaged wood. The second time those items were identified, a recommendation was provided to have the entire house tented and fumigated. Thus, they presented us some choices of treatment, not a one size fits all approach.

Their response was extremely professional, prompt, polite, and their inspectors, application teams, and office personnel were exemplary in their behavior and responsiveness. I don’t believe ANY organization could have been more responsive, prompt, on time, or could have worked more effectively to deal with our schedule and problems.

2. Adrienne S. from Santa Clara, CA said:

GREAT customer service, very personable had a great attitude, they were on time and even early on every appointment we had. They use natural products so I was not worried about it harming my animals. I am extremely satisfied with this company and would recommend this company to anyone.

3. Jeff D. from San Jose said:

We had an excellent experience with Planet Orange. After suspecting that we may have a termite problem at our home we contacted Planet Orange for an inspection. Our inspector Jorge arrived promptly for our appointment and gave our house a thorough inspection. He answered all of our questions patiently and provided an estimate for the work.

Since we have young kids we wanted to avoid tenting our house and were happy that the termite work could be done without us having to move out. The two technicians that performed the work were also excellent. We sadly do not have a record of their names so we cannot give them kudos by name.

We would recommend that anyone who thinks that they may have pest or termite issues give Planet Orange a call. We have worked with many contractors and they were one of the most pleasant to work with.

4. Michael M. from Los Altos, CA said:

The Planet Orange team was prompt, courteous and worked professionally. I appreciated the detailed inspection and report from Todd. The application crew, John and Jesus were right on time, worked quickly and efficiently and left the yard cleaned up and back in place. I fully recommend Planet Orange for termite control.

5. Bob H. from Boulder Creek, CA said:

Start to finish, a very good service. Called on a Wednesday, Nick turned up on a Friday and did a good 2+ hour inspection. Price negotiated and arranged for Jaime and Anthony to come out the very next day.

Jaime and Anthony arrive early and get straight to work working to drill and inject for subterranean termites. These guys drilled some 150 holes to make sure the bugs got their fair share of ‘special’ chems.

All around good customer service overall – I’m a stickler for this, when you spend a chunk of change to get this type of service done, then it is expected that you get constant communication and follow-up calls. This is exactly what I got – thanks Planet Orange, I will be using you again.

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