Bad news for termites and pests,
good news for the environment.

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Termite Control

Gain peace of mind and eliminate wood destroying termites. Termites have been around since long before humans and will probably outlast us. But that doesn't mean you have to put up with them. They can be eradicated, and now thanks to planet orange you can rid your home or business of termites and pests without sacrificing your concern for environmental impact.

  • 100% guaranteed results
  • Integrated Pest Management approach reduces pesticide use
  • Saves time and money
  • Unconditional warranties

planet orange Termite and Pest Services is California's largest certified specialist of the XT-2000 Orange Oil treatment method.

We start by giving your property a thorough inspection. Our highly trained, state-licensed inspectors are experts in their field, each inspecting more than 1,000 properties a year. Once we've identified each termite and pest infestation, we treat them with a variety of products chosen for their unbeatable performance and reduced-pesticide properties. Our termite and pest control programs are innovative, leading the industry toward a dramatic reduction in the use of synthetic pesticides.

Peace of mind...and no more termites or pests!

Unlike traditional ways of stopping termites and pests, planet orange strives to use effective, plant-based products to rid your property of pests, eliminating the inconveniences and problems associated with more toxic treatment methods. The only "downside" to a planet orange treatment for pests or termites might be the lingering smell of mint or oranges for a few days!

Did we mention 100% guaranteed results?

At planet orange we have two goals—to get rid of the termites and pests, and to give you peace of mind. Thanks to our full structure warranty, you'll rest easy knowing that not only will the job be done right, but that we stand behind the quality of our treatment. Whether the warranty is for termites, which includes our complimentary annual re-inspection, or for a regular pest control service, which includes free callbacks should you ever need it, planet orange is committed to complete customer satisfaction. And that's a promise.

CALL NOW or click here to schedule your FREE Inspection so you can rid your property of termites and pests the right way.

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Our Guarantee