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Spider Problems in Homes and Businesses

Spiders are a common pest inside homes and businesses in San Jose and San Francisco. They are frequently found in basements, attics, and storage spaces. Each species is highly adapted to the specific environment it lives in, and a single population can grow exponentially in a matter of months.

Like other pests, spiders are unsightly, and will diminish the overall appeal of your home. Businesses in particular have to be sensitive to the way their public space is perceived by customers and clients. Spiders may defend themselves and their territory by biting. Houses with children and pets should be especially concerned with spider activity. Before initiating any activity for spider control in San Francisco or San Jose, it is important to make a proper identification of the spider species.

Identifying Spider Species

Unless an effort is made to correctly identify the type of pest you are up against, there is a good chance that basic spider control strategies will not give you the results you want. Hence, it is important to pay attention to the following three characteristics in order to identify various spider species:

  • Size - Determining the size of a spider can be tricky because they appear larger than they actually are due to the spread of their legs. Try to pay attention to the size and shape of the body.
  • Color and markings - Spiders frequently have dark stripes or patches on their bodies. Make note of these. If possible, take a picture for later reference.
  • Activity - Make note of where the spiders have been seen, and at what time of day. If you see the spiders actively weaving webs, note the web size and location.

Spider Control Strategies for Homes and Businesses in San Jose and San Francisco

A common spider control strategy is using pesticide sprays and spider repellents found in the market in San Jose and San Francisco. However, these products are unable to eliminate the spider population completely. Serious spider control efforts require the help of professional exterminators.

Exterminators can use sprays, gels, and granule products to disrupt the population’s feeding and activity schedules. Professional exterminator can also help disrupt the reproduction cycle of spiders by removing the egg sacs. This is a level of pest control that conventional products simply cannot deliver.

Working With Planet Orange

Homeowners, business owners, and property managers alike trust Planet Orange for expert spider control in San Francisco and San Jose. We can assist with every stage of control from species identification to elimination. Prompt spider control is necessary to protect the health and safety of everyone on the property.

Contact Planet Orange today using the form above to arrange for an inspection. We are pleased to offer our customers free inspections in addition to our full range of pest control services.