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Ant Pest Control in Homes and Businesses

Ant species number in the thousands, making them one of the most populous creatures on Earth. The numerous pest varieties of ant species are frequent unwelcome guests in houses, garages, storage areas, warehouses, and other structures. This is where you might need the help of an ant exterminator in San Jose.

Identifying Ant Species

Identifying the particular species of pest invading your home or business is actually a very important part of the pest control process. Several pesticide products are easily available in the market, using which you can implement various strategies. However, it is possible to waste a lot of money without making a significant difference in pest activity. Identifying the ant species that is troubling you will let you take a more targeted approach to ant pest control in homes.

These features will help you tell one ant species from another:

  • Color - Ants are not just red or black. Shiny black ants are different than black-brown ants. Pay close attention to color variation on different segments of the body as well.
  • Size - Since it can be hard to measure an ant accurately, try comparing it to something you can measure. Is it shorter than a grain of rice? Is it closer to the size of a sunflower seed?
  • Activity - Take note of any peak periods of activity you notice. Some ants are most active at night or in the early morning.

Ant Problems in Homes or Businesses

The most common complaint that ant exterminator in San Jose hear about ants is their simple pesky nature. Seeing insects indoors is a distraction and eyesore. Some people feel that ant control methods can be put off because the ants are not causing any specific problems. This is not necessarily true. Ants can also eat vegetation, kill off native populations of beneficial insects, and cause damage to electrical appliances.

Taking Actions against Ant Problems

Ants nest in places near the resources they need, specifically food. They are easily attracted by spilled starch and sugar or by unsecured garbage. Though basic cleaning will help prevent ants from showing up in the first place, ants can identify food that has been improperly stored or dropped into inaccessible places. Simple cleaning may not be enough.

Calling an expert ant exterminator for ant control in San Jose is the best choice, if your initial attempts at control have failed or have had incomplete results. Exterminators use commercial grade products not available to the general public and will target ants depending on species and activity for the most thorough results possible. Ant Exterminators in San Jose will also do a thorough job to discourage ants from revisiting your home.

Working with Planet Orange

Planet Orange ant exterminators have extensive experience handling ant infestations and other pest problems. We can use numerous ant pest control strategies to eliminate entire ant populations, including those occupying hidden nests. Call Planet Orange today or fill out the form above to arrange for an inspection of your property.