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As your partner in Pest Control we add value with our:

Enhanced Knowledge on Pests and Pest Control Procedures
Make note of any Pest Presence, and Identify the Type and Identify the Source
Our Regular pro-active maintenance prevents flair up and acute problems
Plant based Products with Natural Herbs and Ingredients are eco-friendly and smell great
We understand the value of your brand and will act as a true partner
Guaranteed Results
At Planet Orange, we understand the unique and delicate needs of commercial facilities. Our commercial pest control services are custom-designed to address current pest problems quickly without inconveniencing your normal operations, while also safeguarding against further infestations.

  • Even the cleanest buildings have pest-related problems.
  • Spotting one pest means there’s likely a much larger colony or nest you can’t see.
  • While over-the-counter sprays and traps kill some pests, eliminating the source of the problem takes specialized expertise.
  • With Planet Orange Commercial Pest Control Services, you can depend on our highly trained professionals to diagnose and solve your pest problems utilizing botanical options with no tenant disruption.
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Star Advantage Program – Innovative products and approach:

  • The Most Comprehensive Monthly Inspections in the Industry, We’ll Spend the Time on Site to Ensure the Job Is Done Right.
  • Utilizing Botanical, Green, People, and Pet Friendly Solutions.
  • Commercial Pest Control Services Tailored to Your Industry and Specific Needs, Including Roach, Ant, Rodent, Spider, and Fly Control.
  • Pest Control Audits Performed By Master Technicians
  • Discreet Pest Control Services Provided By Highly Trained Professionals
  • On-Call Technicians For Emergency Services

The trust we’ve built with our locally owned company has been possible through our dedication, service, and convenient botanical plant based products. It has earned us the privilege to provide pest control services to some of the largest sport franchises in the country, including the San Jose Sharks, San Francisco 49ers and the San Francisco Giants.

Let us earn your trust too, our people and pet-safe products are a winning combination.
Termite Free Family

We provide comprehensive solutions for every industry:

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your satisfaction is not just a goal, it’s our job. We share a commitment to ethical, professional, and environmentally responsible service. We guarantee the highest standards of integrity. We focus not just on solving your immediate pest problem, but also on earning your long-term trust. Discover why companies like the San Jose Sharks, San Francisco 49ers, and Giants use our commercial pest control services. Call now to experience the Planet Orange difference.

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Our integrated pest management approach can reduce the use of pesticides while saving you money and time. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a free termite inspection, fill out our online form above or call us at 1-800-767-2643(1-800-7-ORANGE). We’re ready and waiting to help you make your home safe, comfortable, and completely pest-free without harming the environment.